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  1. That's good! I just thought since you said you do not like brutal games that much you might also dislike brutal films.
    And it is kind of brutal. More stylized, but still ugly. Sometimes I don't understand those age rating thingys. This would be a film I'd rate with 18, I guess. But who cares, as long as it is nothing sexual offending, no one cares. xD
  2. Ah...but I am okay with some more serious films, so that should be fine. *starts spamming wink smileys*

  3. Jup, you should. It's a good film. Very brutal though. Not sure if you will like it then. But great overall style. (:
  4. Yeah, probably will watch it sometime.
  5. Nevermind how they are developed. xD The point is: They make lots of money. (: Even though many people are already downloading games online.
    Ah, that's cool. Well, then I hope these ideas will work out. I guess everyone can need a little.
    I'm not into those Marvel characters either. Anyway, I already recommended it to someone else: Watchmen was an enjoyable movie to watch. So even though I don't really like those Marvel characters and I've never heard of Watchmen it still was a great film
  6. Not technically minded, how some of the such deep video games are developed baffles my mind, fantastic technology. XD

    The ideas have nothing to do directly with me, though what could come from them could help me out. :P And I'm not really into Marvel characters either. :P
  7. Yeah, I was just wondering if you like him, since he kinda looks similar to a wolf. Anyway, you into those Marvel characters? Because I am not. ^_^'
    Ah, ways to make lots of money. Now you made me interested. *jk* If I hear about a 19 year old SMBB freak who just became millionare, I'll know it was you.
    Another way to make money: Develop video games. :P
  8. That character is alright I guess, I enjoy X-Men movies a bit, not one of my favourites though.

    And they aren't specifically ideas for me to be able to get into golf tournaments, just potentially big money making ideas, if someone is interested in any of them.
  9. Golly, I think I'm just way to tired to comprehend anything today.
    Ideas of how to get into a golf tournament? Sounds mysterious. But it's good that you keep them a secret. I wouldn't dare telling anything important on the net.
    Anyway, I'm off ta bed now. See you around, wolf! (Makes me think of wolverine. You like Wolverine?)
  10. Well, who knows, maybe someday I may be able to afford it. Don't like the chances of it, but could come in with a good amount of money if everything goes well, my dad has a few good ideas, but can't arrange to meet with someone to see if they like any of the ideas (I do, but I'm not telling anyone any of the ideas, I'll do my part to help insure the ideas don't get stolen by anyone. :P).
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