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  1. It really is that expensive? Sucks.
    Well, at least you'd beat him ingame. And if you'll start practicing a bit on Wii, you might get him. Can't be much of a different playing it real or on the Wii, can it? *jk*:P
  2. I'm not even on the tour, I may never be, unless I win a lottery or something, because I'd have to pay a fortune for some golf school thing before I could even start playing in tournaments.

    And I never said I could be TW (Tiger Woods) in real life. O_o He is something else, just a great golfer, most players can't beat him, I don't see how I'd be able to either.

    I have pretty good judgment though, can read puts pretty well.
  3. Ah, competitively. Didn't really know what that word means. Now I know. Thanks! I like learning new words.
    Okay, I understand that participating in such a tournament can be expenxive. Anyway, does this mean you play golf a bit? I mean, in real? (: You good at it if you think of participating in a tournament.
    I knew that you had it in yourself. To beat Tiger Woods I mean. I'm so proud of you.
    Now you just have to beat him real life. No big problem, is it? :P And don't let me down, I bet a LOT on you.
  4. Well, to be able to participate in tournaments it is, which is what I meant by playing competitively...

    And sorry about misunderstanding your question. As far as I know, the longest drive he ever made that I know of is 425 yards (it was of course with favorable winds (blowing the ball forward for dozens of extra yards of length)).

    So I guess I have beat his record in real life, on that video game. XP
  5. First of all, sorry for not responding for those days. But I met some friends this friday and saturday, so I wasn't on my laptop these days.
    You still misunderstood me, sorry for speaking in miracles ... What I wanted to say is this: You said your longest drive was 433 yards. So I was asking what Tiger Wood's longest drive was to see whether or not you beat his record. (Even though you did yours in the game and he did it in real life.) Does this clear things up a little? (:
    Golf is expensive? Why's that? Those golf clubs are that pricey?
  6. Tiger Woods in real life? I've never met him, of course I haven't played him in a round of golf before...I wouldn't actually mind getting into actually Golfing competitively, but you have to have quite a bit of money for it, and I don't have that, not one penny. :/
  7. I understand. Who wants to play Woods if you can creat your own golfer. Makes perfectly sense to me!
    I was actually referring to the real Tiger Woods in flesh. Since I was wonderin if your virtual drive is somewhat real. Or completely impossible in real. Because I have absolutely no idea about golf.
    Well, we first have to see if the controls are good on Wii of course. But I think they can't do much wrong with WiiMotion Plus ...
    Just bought Empire: Total War today. It's not running on my laptop. My laptop is so weaaaaaaak. )))): I have to take it back. That sucks.
  8. I haven't really used Woods much...I have a created golfer with very good stats and clubs tuned for power. :P

    And I enjoyed the golf some in Wii Sports, got pretty good at it, but it wasn't that big of a deal, could be tough to get the swing down very well in a Tiger Woods game for Wii... :/
  9. 433 yards? Dude, you're crazy!
    Playing golf in an Elvis costume is a life dream of mine though, so I guess I have to try that out. Hope that's possible in the upcoming Wii version as well. (:
    What's Tiger Wood's longest drive anyway? You own Woods?
    I tell you, if you're into golf games, I totally recommend the new Tiger Woods Wii part for you.
    Did you enjoy playing golf in Wii sports by the way?
  10. Yep. I get a kick out of there being an Elvis costume you can unlock and buy for $5,000,000 (yes, five million), it also maxes out your stats while equiped. :O

    And wow, you can hit the golf ball ridiculously far in this one. XD In large part thanks to the Club Tuner feature. You can increase a club's power and sacrifice how large the sweetspot is (how easy to use it is (get closer to 100% of the distance more easily)).

    I give my Driver as much power as I can, since I have swings down pretty good so I don't need much of a sweetspot to be getting the most out of drives, so I can hit it over 350 yards without even power boosting. O_o

    The longest drive I've made so far is 433 yards. XP
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