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  1. That really is confusing. Dunno what they thought when creating those names. Whatever, not my fault.
    Really? No soccer fan? Interesting. Well, personally I love soccer. Playing it for real, playing it on Wii or just watch it on TV. Though watching it on TV can be rather boring sometimes ... xD
    Ah, okay the Xbox360 version. I'm pretty excited for the new Wii Version, whatever it is called then since it features the Wii MotionPlus. With that and hoping EA makes something out of it, I can think of it as real fun! (:
  2. ...I know what soccer is. :/ It may also be referred to as football, kind of confusing at times if you ask me. XD

    I really don't think Soccer is any big offence, it just seems a lot more repetitive than other sports to me. >.>

    And TW PGA Tour 09 that I've been playing is for Xbox 360, but could've gotten it for an other system instead, just preferred Xbox 360 for this game.

    I think there will be some version of it for Wii though, called Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 All-Play Wii.
  3. Heresy! D: xD
    PES stands for Pro Evolution Soccer! Soccer game, ya know?
  4. P E S 2008?
  5. Why did I knew you'd like that idea? :P
    Tiger Woods? Not happen to be the one coming for Wii? I guess that's 2010. Well, I will be waiting for that one, since it features Wii Motion Plus support. With that, it'll be muuuuuuch better again I guess.
    Best sport game for me: PES 2008. I so totally CAN'T wait for the next one to come in the end of March. Way too long. T_T
  6. Play video games...always a good idea. XD I have really enjoyed playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 a lot lately, best sports game I've ever played, though I haven't played many sports games, but that doesn't mean it isn't great. :P
  7. Dunno. Play video games I guess?
    About that smiley thing: I was actually trying if it works with smileys too. But you have to put a space in between. :P That's sad. So three characters are minimum.
  8. L o l

  9. : P
  10. X D
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