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  1. : D
  2. I see.
  3. Yaya, you rock, I suck. :P
    It doesn't really matter, but it matters how many you put in between. If you just put some of them randomly without one word 'jumping' down a line, it doesn't work. That's at least the impression I had. Could be wrong though. xD
  4. Yeah, the trick. Well, I'm glad I got it right first try, doesn't really matter where the spaces go, does it? =P
  5. You mean the trick?
    It is, but I didn't knew at first where I have to put the spaces. That's why I said I had to try a bit. :P
  6. Thanks, but it is pretty simple.
  7. U rock, dude. (:
  8. Let's see if this works.
  9. Like this.
  10. Ah, okay. 50 Letter minimun. It's not that important. Honestly, you can call me whatever you like!
    I know, some sites have problems with that é. But that's no excuse. They should change the whole site to be able to show it.
    I like a Pok?mon better than a Pokemon. Because from a Pok?mon, I'm able to at least you one tried it. :P
    By the way, you can PM me if you want to know how to ignore the 50 letter rule. (:
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