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  1. Okay, and sorry, had to type your full name for the message to reach the 50 letter minimum, but in the future, I'll just type laps.

    And about that laps...sometimes when you type the é in Pokémon, when the message is sent/posted, it ends up looking like this: Pok?mon. :P
  2. Yes, just finished reading it, though I shoulda learn. <_< Have to do that now.
    It was interesting, not a break-through though. I was hoping for some information on the game ...
    Also, I hate it if people spell Pokémon Pokemon and not Pokémon. Seriously, it's not that hard. It is called Pokémon, so they should call it like that and not in another way. People are lazy these days ... Like me.
    Oh, and by the way, you may call me laps. :P
  3. Just read it. A good read. Have you read it yet, lapislazuli?
  4. You're welcome. You gotta read it. I'll too.
    Okay, see you tomorrow!
  5. Hm, I didn't know about that one, thanks for pointing it out to me. I'll have to read it tomorrow though, I've got to go offline for the day now. See ya.
  6. It really is. That's why so many people like Pok&#233;mon. Because of it's variety.
    HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY CASTFORM!? Nah, you're kind of right, I guess.
    No one likes that one apparentely. Must be the reason why I like it that much. It's not even strong in the games. Weak actually.
    But you know, if Ash has his Pikachu, I have my Castform. :P
    I sure do. Can't wait to get my hands on it. By the way, just happen to stumble about that one: IGN talks with folks responsible for Platinum
    Haven't read it yet, figured you might be interested in that article though.
  7. Variety is good. But I don't like all Pok&#233;mon, I don't really want to say anything much, but Castform isn't one of my favourite Pok&#233;mon. :P No reason, beyond thinking none of it's looks are any big deal. Lol...

    Looking forward to Pok&#233;mon Platinum? I am.
  8. Yeah, yeah, I thought so. Why don't you enunciate it? You like all Pok&#233;mon! But that's just alright.
    I guess so. The two of them don't have very much in common at least. Still, I like both of them, you know, I like variances.
  9. Wow, those are two very different Pok&#233;mon. XD I also like Arcanine, Salamence, Groudon, Dialga, Palkia, Rayquaza, Suicune, Mightyena, Scyther, Scizor, Nidoking, and...quite a few others. XP
  10. I don't really pursue the card either. It's just that I like that Pok&#233;mon in the game. I already breeded a lot of Castform to have one ready for the platinum version which I'm gonna get myself. A lot of EV training to do though until I'll be ready for the newer version ...
    My two favourite Pok&#233;mon would be Castform and Snorlax.
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