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  1. Sorry if the message seemed incomplete, I had to rush off at the time...the full message would've been more like this:

    "Well, that Phantom Brave game does look like an Anime to me. XD Main reason I thought asking here was because of that."

    Was pretty much done the message before though, so I just clicked Post Message real quick and left rather than not posting the reply at all. :P
  2. That's right. But to be honest, most RPG from Japan look like anime ... (: Fantasia does, Fragile does. So chances are higher to find someone who's interested in them here. But still, videogames forums are better places to find out about a game. xD
    Whatever ... you can answer about any game here, at least I'll be answering ...
  3. Well, that Phantom Brave game does look like an Anime to me. XD Main reason I thought asking here
  4. No problem, dude. Yeah, I saw your thread and replied already. But to be honest, I don't think that you'll find out much about it if you ask for it on an Anime Forum ... (:
    So if you want better results, I suggest you take a look at some other forums or something ... If you're really interested in it. (:
    Other people might know more about it. Maybe you'll get to find someone who has played the PS part on AO but I don't think it's very likely ...
  5. Thanks a lot for the link. I might check out that Phantom Brave game...actually, maybe I'll ask about it. :O
  6. Hehe, there you go, just watch the latest vid: Crystal Bearers - IGN

    Phantom Brave. Until I found it on that list, I didn't know anything about that game. As there is no video linked on that site, I guess there's no vid at the moment. If you keep checking the site, I'm sure you'll find one sooner or later ... (:
  7. Nope, didn't know there was one..wouldn't mind seeing it though. :O

    And too bad you don't know anything more of Phantom Brave...could be interesting.
  8. That's it, really? =))
    Well, for me it's easier to tell the games which I'm not interested in.
    Like Kororinpa, K.O.R.E and a few other games. But the rest is really looking awesome, especially Punch-Out, Monster Hunter 3, DQ X, the new tales Of, Pikmin 3, PES 2009, NMH2, Muramasa, Sin and Punishment 2, Arce Rise, Mad World, THOTD: Overkill (gonna get that one on Friday) ...
    Never heard of Phantom Brave either, to be perfectly honest ...
    Monster Hunter 3 has a similar status as DQ has in Japan. Which means it's verrry popular there. MH 3 comes with awesome graphics, 4 Player splitscreen and online mode, so I guess it is a must-have for meh. (:
    Yes, FF: Crystal Bearers looks interesting too. You saw the latest trailer?
  9. The games on that list that interest me are (in no particular order): Arc Rise Fantasia, Monster Hunter 3 (maybe...know anything about it?), Punch-Out! (should be classic. ), Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2010, and Dragon Quest X.

    Possibly Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers as well...and what is Phantom Brave Wii? It looks interesting.
  10. Btw, before I forget: Here's a real awesome list of games which are planned to be released somewhen 2009 (at least in Japan) on Wii. It sure is one of the most complete list ot there for Wii owners. Makes me drooling everytime I watch it.
    You should give it a look:
    Wii Most Wanted List 2009
    Attention though - Lots of pictures to find there.
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