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  1. mhm, I'm sorry for you but that's how it looks like here. Guess you must be patient then ... ): What's that anyway? ((:
  2. Wha-? So I can't play in the RPG for over 3 more weeks? >_< No matter what I do I just can't play RPG Inferno anywhere now... >_>
  3. About the Com. Member thing, Blue ... You have to be here for 30 days to be upgraded to Com. member, even though you have more than 100 posts ...
  4. Man, I hope I'll even see it 2011 ... You know, in Europe it's something completely different again. Most of the games hit our globe in that order: Japan, America, ... , Europe. Or you switch America and Japan ... But Europe's always the latest. :P xD You from America?
    Btw, Friend Invitation incoming, you and me being Nintendo fans an such ... I hope you don't mind ... (:
  5. I would hope so, I'd think it'd be out before the year 2011. XP
  6. And that's the real kewl~ thing about it: yes. After they've confirmed that part IX will be released on DS, it was officially announced that part X will air on Wii! Though they said it'll be out end 2010 in Japan. I guess you know what that means for us, who aren't so lucky to be in Japan ...
    So for the moment, I've to be satisfied with IX on DS, which probably comes sooner than X. (:
  7. Any Dragon Quest game coming to the Wii? Sorry if that's a stupid question, me being a Wii owner, I should know what Wii games are and aren't available/going to be available. :P
  8. Hehe ... Sorry, your friends and parents might get angry with me ...
    And to be perfectly honest, I myself don't know much about the series myself (DQ). I just want to try it really bad. I played it for a very short time on PS2, I think that was DQ VIII, though I might be wrong about that one. It was real fun actually. The gameplay, the whole style ...
    The only real DQ I've played so far are spin-offs from the original series. One is a game which's name I can't recall, you played a little slime ball and had to save your town.
    The other one is DQ: Monster Jokers. A game pretty similar to Pok&#233;mon, just that it plays in the DQ universe.
    But I liked both of them, and I can't wait to get my hands on a real part of this series! (: If IX comes to DS, you shoulda give it a try really, especially when your a RPG fan.
  9. Yeah, makes for there to be lots of games I want to ask for when my Birthday or Christmas comes around. XD

    And though I've heard of Dragon Quest many times, I've never really looked up any information on the games, or played any of them...

    What is the objective of the games, and is there a lot of dragons in the games? Is there a particular game that has more in it than others do? >.> XP
  10. Never heard of Loco Roco? Really? Hm, I guess you should give it a try ... (: If you want some infos on it, here you go: Loco Roco @ IGN There's a second part too on PSP.
    I heard that FF VII was one of the best parts of the series, but to be honest, I'm not soo addicted to this series. I'd prefer Dragon Quest ... Man, I can't wait for part IX and X to come!! ((:
    hehe, about Non-Nintendo comments ... It's okay, really! (: It's good to broaden one's horizon anyway. Not like I'm only playing Nintendo games ...
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