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  1. Loco Roco? Never heard of it. <.< Just saying one other Non-Nintendo comment here, if you ever play a PlayStation 1 game, make it Final Fantasy VII, one of my favourite games of all time. ^.^
  2. Hehe, you definitely got the better present there. *jk* :P
    I'm definitely going to get Platinum. This Pok&#233;mon series really is a mysterie. I mean, it always is pretty much the same thing, yet it never ceases to amaze me. I still love it extremely, almost as much as when I played it for my first time.
    It really deserves that place. I guess GTA is on that list too ... :>
    That's good. Wii/Ds are probably my favourite systems too. Got some games on PC too. To be honest, it's kinda the alternative to a Xbox 360 ... Dunno much 'bout PSP though ... Not that interested in it. I heard that Loco Roco (is it called like that?) should be a good game too.
  3. Yeah, and I guess I forgot to mention, the Xbox 360 is technically my brother's, he got it for a present the same Christmas I got my Nintendo Wii!

    I noticed Pok&#233;mon Platinum is one of the games in the list of most wanted DS games for 2009 at 1up. Dang, Giratina's Origin Form is huge, the regular one is 12 feet tall, the origin form is 22 feet tall. O_o

    And the Wii and DS are probably my two favourite systems (I like the PSP pretty good though...Crisis Core is a blast. <.<), so you're doing good to just have those, lots of fun games for both of the systems.
  4. Ah, well I just jotted down some big names which came to my mind randomly ... (: Pok&#233;mon's cool too, of course! There are a lot of other games which I haven't mentioned ... So that 'Nothing' was more a joke than a serious conclusion.
    I played diamond a lot, not at the moment, I was EV training like mad. Had to stop it for a moment ... My first pok&#233;mon was the old green version. It was awesome, I really loved it. Finished it in no time ... Good old Venusaur ... (: *getsnostalgic*
    Pok&#233;mon Stadium on N64 was fun too!
    Whew, so you got a lot of consoles ... That's nice!
    That's quite a collection you have there. (:
    I got a Xbox with some games, but that's it as far as non Nintendo consoles are concerned.
    It's either Wii/Ds, or PC/laptop. PC laptop mainly for some strategy games ...
  5. Nothing? >.> You haven't given any Pok&#233;mon games a chance, have you? It is one of my favourite series' now, got my first Pok&#233;mon game in 2003, it was Ruby Version.

    Anyways, on to your question, yes, I have quite a few actually, though some of them are technically my brother's. :P

    I have an NES (mine), used to have SNES, but it got stolen (was mine...), have an N64 (mine), Nintendo Gamecube (mine), Nintendo Wii (definitely mine. XD), Game Boy Advance SP (also mine), and Nintendo DS (Guess what? This one's mine too! XP) as far as Nintendo systems go.

    And for Non-Nintendo systems, I have Playstation 1 (can't remember if it's mine or my brother's...we've had at least one PS1 that had to be replaced, wouldn't load discs), Playstation 2 (I think that'd be my brother's), Playstation 3 (I can remember that is my brother's, because it is from more recently so I haven't had enough time to forget. XD), PSP (this Sony Playstation system actually IS mine. Lol. Wanted that handheld with the really good graphics), and finally, an Xbox 360.

    Used to have a Sega Genesis long ago too, but that's history. It either stopped working, or was sold, can't remember which, but either way, don't have it anymore, I enjoyed that old Columns game. >.>
  6. 'Course I am! (: What the friggin' hell is better than Zelda, Mario, F-Zero, Metroid, SSB and Mario Kart? Nuthin'.
    Ever since the N64 actually, you know I'm too young for the earlier stuff.
    But that's no problem, with Wii Virtual Console, I can catch up on all the 'old' stuff as well.
    At the moment, I'm happy with Wii and my DS.
    I know you have a Wii since your crazy about Brawl, but you got any other (nintendo, non-nintendo )consoles too?
    Btw, if you click on the 'View Conversation' button, and if you post your message there, you write the visitor message to me. That's more comfortable. That way, you don't have to write into your own space and I know immediately that you answered me. You should consider that, seriously!
  7. Yo~~ ! (:
    *Just had to greet a fellow Nintendo enthusiast*
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