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  1. I know you aren't online much, anyway: Happy birthday dude!
  2. Awright. And I guess you have a point there, would be wasted energy ...
  3. Hm, nope, I hadn't heard of this until you just brought it to my attention...but I wouldn't miss the Japanese Culture section, I'm not all that determined to keep it alive if it is the section that they might be planning to remove. >.>
  4. By the way, might come in as a silly question, but I still want to ask you about it: a rumour is going around that AO is gonna close a section. As far as I know, it's not sure which one it'll be but fact is, that they are running out of mods and do so in order to make modding easier.
    I already contacted a Mod, they won't tell a thing so you don't have to do either ... that would just speed up the process.
    I guess we should try and post more on those sections. Most possible option is Japanese Culture section. I think we should start posting more on there. <:
    Anywho, you heard of this too?
  5. Yeah, it is to only accurate thing to say. I always thought it was strange to say see ya later if we in fact do not see each other.
    It's the same with the phone.
    Cinema btw was Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Quite funny, but nothing special.
  6. Okay, see ya.

    Lol @ read you tomorrow. Since it isn't actually speaking, it is accurate though. :P
  7. No, definitely no racing game. It's like the first Ds part, just that you ain't driving a ship than rather a train. Yup, it's a train this time. Not really innovativ if you ask me. But whatever, as long as there are some new things to it, I might consider buying it.
    Here you should find all the newest news about Spirit Tracks.
    I'm off for now, cinema. Don't know which movie we gonna see, I'm excited. Read you tomorrow, I guess. L8er.
  8. Spirit Tracks? Definitely never heard of that one, but I wonder what the "Tracks" is for in it's name, I don't think a Legend of Zelda racing game would go over so well. XD
  9. Yes, I am as well. Still, I have Phantom Hourglass and it was quite fun! So I might gonna check the new part out too. With some nice additions, I'm in.
    Um, it's called The Legend of Zelda: Spirit tracks. Or something like that. If you'll give me some time and you're lazy, I'll look some vids up if you want.
    Yeah, I hope you'll get it for Eastern. You then just give me a quick review which will make me decide whether I buy it NOW or a little later.
    Hehe, Giratina, go for it!
  10. Well, I am, moreso into the Zelda games for the consoles, not so much the handhelds, but thanks for mentioning it.

    What is the name of it anyway? And don't sweat it, though I am shocked you had no idea what I was talking about...but moving on. <.<'

    I might end up getting Pok&#233;mon Platinum on Easter, I really hope so, I'm itching to play it, I want to catch Giratina Origin Forme. And I am curious to see what there is new to the story of it, what fills the blanks.
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