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  1. Hehe, I'd never guessed that. Anyway, sorry if I have offended you! Wasn't my intention, didn't know that this disturbs you. Won't happen again.

    Yeah, I guess character developing in Brawl would be fun for you. For me too actually. Working for Nintendo. That'd be it. xP
    You into Zelda by the way? Because they just announced a new one for DS.
  2. Take a guess. "god****". :|

    But yes, that'd be pretty darn cool, no doubt. ^.^

    Would've been fun to design character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. :P
  3. Whaddaya mean?
    And yeah, having something to do with videogames later on as a job would be awesome.
  4. your language though, I don't much care for those words...

    Character design. That would be fun, that'd be something I'd like to do.
  5. Yes, thanks dude. It was very informative and interesting. Especially if you consider that I might do something concerning character developing. Though not movies, but Wii games.
    Hehe, okay if you're interested ... Well, yeah. It was a little workshop at the sae institute in vienna. It's a place where many fields of study are offered which have something to do with either film making, 3D animation and other stuff, or game design, like programming or character design.
    Since this year, you can even make a bachelor in game desing. Which is pretty awesome actually!
    Workshop might have been the wrong word to describe it. It was rather some kind of question and answer session. We were allowed to ask him questions, mostly about his life and he simply answered them.
    He told a little bit about his life, where he worked, which jobs he did and stuff like that. Later he showed some of his stuff which I already told you about. Some scenes he were participating in in different films like Narnia, King Arthur the third Harry Potter and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
    It's incredible - guess how long he worked on a fourteen frame long scene: 2-3 months. Monday to saturday, 8 hours a week. >_<
    And that's just character animation! Nothing else than making the thing move. All the other stuff like lightning etc. is again done by someone completely else. That just make you realize how much goddamn work such an animated movie actually is ...
  6. I'm glad you really enjoyed yourself there. And no, it actually sounds interesting, so don't sweat it about bringing up a few of the details about it.
  7. Hehe thanks! It was a great little insight of the life of an movie animator. He told quite a bit about his projects and stuff, like Narnia, the third Harry Potter and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Well, I don't want to annoy you with things you are not interested in, so I'll stop here. :P
    But it was for free, so it was great!
  8. Alright, see ya, have a great time. ^.^
  9. Ah, okay. This really means you have to wait for some time. Whatever, you can still play Diamond/Pearl like mad. The difference isn't that big and as you know you can totally use your Pok&#233;mon on that next game anyway!
    Those are the days I get my games as well. Maybe this easter, I hope so. ;>

    Whatever, I'm off to a games character animation/rigging workshop. I'm a little excited.
    See you later.
  10. Nope...unfortunately I won't have myself a copy until August 26th, that's when the next one of two occassions when I generally get most of my games (that is my Birthday. The other day is Christmas Day, I sometimes get a game by surprise on Easter too, but not always).
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