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  1. Ah okay. Then I guess I'll simply go the safe way. I'm too lazy to find out at the moment ... Since the Pokémons sound better as well, I have no problem with that. I just gotta find myself a good offer.
    By the way, you already got yourself your copy?
  2. Sorry, I really have no idea, but I have my doubts, probably should get an American copy of Platinum just to be safe, unless you get an answer to that question that confirms it one way or another.
  3. Well, seems your lucky then. I have to pay those games with my own money. Which sucks. <: I'm thinking of passing on Pro Evolution Soccer to safe a litte. Since I also have the predecessor anyway. :P
    Ah, the 22nd May. Now I dunno if I want to cry or be happy 'bout it. Whatever it is, if I find myself desperately needing that game before it's release, I just have to import it from somewhere. Maybe I should do this, as I really do not like the german names of the Pokémon ... English is much better.
    Which reminds me that my Pearl version is american too. You have any idea if I can trade Pokémon from an american edition to a european? If not, I'd totally have to import my Pokémon Platinum.
  4. Yeah, I've had that problem before too, so many games I want to get coming out at once, and with an occassion coming up, can only ask for so many of the games (though it is quite reasonable, I can ask for several games, and I do end up getting them. ).

    And Pok&#233;mon Platinum's release date for Europe is May 22nd, nearly two months away.
  5. I have to admit, I totally forgot about the release of this game. I thought, like, it was aeons for it to be released. But so soon.~
    To be honest, I hope it will take some time until this game comes to Europe ... Since I just recently bought MadWorld and GTA: Chinatown Wars and I still have to buy Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 which will be released here this week ... I have to look the release in Europe up.
    So many good games at once, it's unfair! Dunno what to do.
    EDIT: And, yeah, Pokémon Platinum definitely will be a great game! <:
  6. Sweet. ^_^ Thanks for reminding me, for some reason I was thinking it's release date was March 24th. :P

    I definitely think this will be a great game.
  7. OMIGOSH, OMIGOSH: IT is finally here!
  8. Yeah. =P Well, I've g2g for a little bit, but I'll be back online later. See ya later.
  9. Ah, I understand. So you can go some levels more, hu? Since the boss has double your hitpoints and stuff.
    Yes, I know that it has nothing to do with Brawl, but I wasn't reffering anything to the AO RPG. You were talking about not being good at shooter, which was reffering to the WCG games I think, so I was reffering Brawl to those WCG also. Does this make sense to you? If not, who cares. xD
  10. There isn't any max level, it is just limited by the level of the strongest monster in the RPG, and I was saying what does that AO RPG contest have to do with Brawl. :P
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