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  1. What has nothing to do with Brawl? I meant that they make a Brawl tournament at the WCG.
    Uh ... Sounds dangerous. It seems that you have to level a bit more. Or are you at the maximum level? Is he like, the end boss of the whole game?
  2. That doesn't have anything to do with Brawl. :S

    It would be nice though.

    Btw...I got to the top of the Tower of Death in the RPG, and when I scanned Trunks [BOSS], I discovered his HP is 35000, MP is 15000, and all the other stats are 800... >_<

    Seriously, Trunks needs to do some math, with all the Cloud equipment equipped at once that may boost some of the stats to half of that at the most, so those stats aren't beatable.
  3. Cheer up! Who cares about those over brutal shooters anyway ... xD
    You just wait until they make Brawl tournaments. And before that, you'll win the upcoming Inferno contest as a warm-up.
  4. I've never been very good at shooters either...
  5. I haven't been good at those either.
    Maybe you find some other categories which suit you more. I didn't find any.
  6. :/ A bit doesn't have to mean one dozen hours...and that's just fine, I've never been good at those real life driving simulators anyways...
  7. A bit won't be enough if you want to play there. :P It normally works similar to this: In the countries which participate at the WCG (World Cyber Games), there are held tournaments for each and every game. And the best three or so are allowed to fly to the WCGs.
    It's possibly though that I'm telling you complete bullcrap, so if you want to inform you a bit about it, I suggest you this site:
  8. Hm, I've played some Gran Turismo. :O
  9. You mean in the World Cyber Games?
    Well, I think their main console is the Xbox360. And the PC of course. Dunno what kind of games they play precisely. But I'm sure some Gran Tourismo stuff, football of course and various kinds of shooters ...
    Pretty big event though, some money to make if you win. ;-)
  10. What do they play? :P And don't worry about having forgotten that name, it's not that big of a deal. XD
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