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  1. Ah, well, I momentarily forgot it. :P I'll be sure to remember it, I swear!

    Hm, that sucks. I don't know of any either. I guess you have to sign yourself up for the this year's World Cyber Games. Although I don't know if they play Brawl there. To be honest, I don't think so ...
  2. That's one of the least unusual names, some people would actually have that name. Lol

    No tournaments that I know of around here, this isn't the most exciting place, not a lot goes on here. :/
  3. Seriously, you know of any competition in Brawl? Like, some online tournaments. You totally have to do one of those. I bet you'd win.
    Hehe, maybe your Wii wants to tell you that you should play some other games after one year continous playing Brawl. :P
    Lucario ... Exactly. That's the Pok&#233;mon who's name I forgot. There are way too many to remember all names. <:
  4. Yeah, would hate to have to go without being able to play that for possibly months... >_<

    Ironic that the Wii started acting up like that the day after Brawl's 1st anniversary (March 9th was a year after it's launch, which was of course March 9th, 2008. XP), it started having that freezing problem, shortly after I started playing Brawl. :S

    Yeah, I was playing as Charizard mostly. I tried to get the hang of the other two Pok&#233;mon that Pok&#233;mon Trainer character uses too, and yep, used Lucario some too (I assume that is the one you couldn't think of the name of).
  5. Hehe, you did? No surprise, I guess. :P And I bet you played either charizard or that other Pok&#233;mon which name I've forgotten. xD
    Which reminds me I should play F-Zero GX again. Still not through that immensely hard game ... >_<
    Well, as long as it is still working it's no problem. Let's just hope, the Brawl abstinence will never come true. Work, Wii, WORK!
  6. Well, I've been playing Brawl for a while this morning, so it's working some for now. :P
  7. That's right I guess. It's good to have lotsa options.
    If it really doesn't work, just send it in. There should still be some kind of warranty on that thing.
  8. I've always got Xbox 360, PS3, DS, and PSP to play if that becomes unuseable for a while at any time. >.>
  9. Uh, that sucks! You have your's since the release?
    If the problems really reappears that often, you'll have to send your Wii for reparation to big N ... That could take a while though. But I think it's free, as long as you did nothing like emulating or stuff. If you did, I wouldn't recomment sending it in.
    Mine makes very strange loud sounds sometimes. I didn't happen very often for the time being, but if it reoccurs, maybe I have to do something about it also ...
  10. Well, it freezes a lot, sometimes before I even start up a game, and just a couple of days ago, when I went to turn it on, and pressed the A button as instructed, then just before the message would completely disappear, it would freeze, every single time...

    Tried it again today, and was able to get past that point, I didn't try starting up a game though...
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