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  1. Yup, I also hope he will. He yet has to post how the competition will look like, right?
    You're a new player, yes but I say you don't count. You play a lot and you're already an experienced RPG player too. You're beyond average. :P :P
    By the way: Already 44!? Another level ...
  2. Well, I'm sure Trunks will think of some way to have it so it is fair for everyone, even new players (I'm pretty new but I am level 44 with the second strongest sword I know of in the whole RPG. :P).
  3. Goooooooooooo, Cloud armor! You'll pwn everyone with it. You already won the Ao Competition.
  4. Almost there, then things will go more smoothly than they are even now. XD
  5. That'S true. And I thought/think exactly the same way. Made me stop playing that darn game. Though I guess I'd still play it if the new Add-On wouldn't have been released. Whatever, I'm better off without it.
    If I still play WoW, I bet I'd never come to this page, therefore wouldn't make so many nice acquaintances ...
    I know what you mean. Saving up for great equipment. Damn ... Makes me again remember WoW. :P
  6. Yeah. :P I play enough games anyways without adding online games like that to my list of games that I play.

    And I can play the RPG here as long as it is around, I just enjoy pwning the monsters, saving up towards getting great equipment, etc.
  7. Yeah, that's right of course. Still, I payed it willingly for some time. And I'm not really regretting it. It was enough fun to keep me coming back. It's nice playing it with some friends It was more of a problem that I started playing too much ... Now, that my final exams in school are coming up, I should theoretical be learning. :P
  8. Yeah, the monthly costs...not fair to have to keep buying your game every month. XP
  9. How long can you play this game anyway? Since you're to only one at such a level ... Must be boring alone on the top.
    Oh, really, why not? Because of the monthly costs? WoW was fun playing. :P
  10. Well, right now I'm just working at getting enough Gil (money) together to buy a piece of Cloud armour, since equipment with Cloud in it's name is amazing, my Cloud Sword is why I could reach as high of a level as I am at, but to get much further, I need to be much better defensively. :P

    I don't plan on buying any online games, otherwise I would own Final Fantasy XI. >.>
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