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  1. And, how is leveling going? Seriously, let me suggest you playing WoW. There you can level as much as you want.
  2. Yeah, it's all thanks to that really powerful sword, nothing else, it gives me several really big stat buffs, which allowed me to make short enough work of tougher monsters before they killed me to get leveled up as much as I am now.

    Well, g2g for the day. See ya tomorrow.
  3. Oha. So you're like the uber-pro. May I get your signature?
    If you like it, it seems to be rather cool. Maybe I should check it out some time. As I said, I'm pretty busy actually. Have to get up early in the morning too ...
    You are 43? And no one is over 20? Seriously, that's crazy.
  4. Well, it isn't animated, the most you could have in the way of that would be an animated avatar for your RPG Character. Lol

    I've been playing it since March 5th, so 5 days. But I have played it a lot in those days, I'll have you know, and you can't reach nearly that level without the Cloud Sword (800 Strength, +130% Exp, +250 HP, +250 MP, +100 Mag (magic), +100 Dex (Dexterity, the accuracy of your physical attacks (with weapons, not spells)), and +100 Eva (Evasion, the higher it is, the more likely you will be to evade physical attacks).

    I am the only player (other than Trunks, he can set all his stats however he wants, if you scan his RPG character you will see he is 1337 (Leet. :P). XP) over level 20, because I am the only player with the Cloud Sword. <.<
  5. Well, how long have you played to reach level 43? I guess that's pretty high standard already.
    How do you play it? Are there any graphics? How does it look? I can't imagine a thing actually ... xD
  6. Well, you don't have to do that, it takes the challenge away from the battles against most of the monsters anyways, it is just a must if you want to go to the Tower Of Death, with monsters up to Level 80, and has 10 level for you to conquer, each increasingly difficult, with a resting point every couple of areas or so.

    What about the RPG would you like to know? I don't know what in particular you'd like to know about/know more about. :P
  7. Dunno what you're talking about. I have no idea how that game works. Explain a bit. And make it easy. I'm tired. xD
    Mabye I'll join. Although I really don't have the time to do something like that.
  8. Yeah, and it is great. Love all the spells, my Mag stat is currently at 300, my sword alone gives it a boost of 100, it is a great sword, a must have, costs 250000 Gil though. <_<

    It is at the Cloud City beyond the Stairway to Heaven (it has 10 flights of stairs before you get to where you can travel to Cloud City. But don't worry, the enemy you encounter sometimes couldn't be easier. ).
  9. You already have the com. member status? I thought that would take a little more time. Anyway, congratulations!
    How's the RPG? You talking about that Inferno stuff?
  10. Lol. I've spent quite a lot of time playing the RPG here, I'm way up to level 43. :P
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