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  1. I am pretty occupied with the RPG here though as it is, I have to stay at it to remain being #1 in the RPG.
  2. dont worry about that just have fun belive me im not a gd rper but everyone around me thinks so..
  3. That is a contest for in the RPG Inferno game I've been playing here, actually has nothing to do with Role Playing though, just battles really.

    And I am good at spelling words, I meant I can't come up with good stuff to write, so I couldn't RP any good... >.>
  4. Well spelling really isnt an important factor in my rp and im pretty sure noone will aknowledge it.. But since ur into rpgs u should check mines out i would greatly appreicate ur opinion on it. And i see ur on the waiting list for the tourny i cant wait..
  5. Sorry, I am horrible at writing, I wouldn't attempt to RP, I'd humiliate myself. XP And just so you know, I have a lot of spare time. >_> I've got nothing to keep me occupied, 'cept for the RPG here, that's quite a bit of fun.
  6. lol nice to meet u Blue Wolf.. And yeah i didnt like it either thats why i came over here i like it better as well.. Do u rp? If so i have this rp up and im looking for more members check it out on ur spare time its called Quest To The Wastelands..
  7. I wouldn't go so far as to say that, your name is put to good use. Seriously though, nice to meet you, my name, at least at these forums, is Blue Wolf. :P Most forums I go to I go by the username of SSBMaster though, as I said before.

    I'd never heard of those forums, mainly because I don't follow the Naruto or Dragon Ball Z franchises. <.<
  8. Well i use to go to but i dont any more i also used Wasted for that one as well and thanks for ur reply.. Well since we dont each other i would like to introduce my self my name is Wasted...
  9. What, the name Blue Wolf? Well, at most forums I go to I go by the username of SSBMaster, but no, I don't know who you are...what other forum(s) do you go to, and what is your username(s) at them?
  10. Hey by any chance do u know who am i? Just wondering cause that name is fimilar
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