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  1. yeah..I do still have feeling for him and he wants us to work and get back together..I just don't want to get into a rocky relationship right now. He wants to be just friends and get along before we date again. Even now him and I are not together and just friends and its complicated. Yes I like Jacob but he is just to good of a friend to loss so I wouldn't want to date him cause all the guys I date that are good friends I end up losing cause I dated them and it don't seem to work out. The only ex I talk to is Zach right now cause he wants to make things work. He thinks I am going to leave him for Jacob if we date and I'm going to cheat on him and lie to him about Jacob but I'm not I told him Jacob and I are just friends and my friend Chelsey is trying to set Jacob and I together. Jacob is just a real nice guy to talk to a good friend someone there were I can get a good guys opinion on stuff and to god of a friend to loss.
  2. Yeah, now my ex is I guess man? Jealous? about me maybe taken by someone else >.> him and I end up talking and now I think he wants me back and I really don't want to get into a rocky relationship plus I haven't been stressed I'm talking about Zach btw.. I talked to Jacob last night it was so really nice. ^^ lol he lept making me laugh and we was on the phone for a hr talking lol.
  3. Well his parents don't want us together and I feel like he is just messing and playing with my heart so I am done with him. I guess so I am taken by a very sweet country boy named Jacob he is sweet and really down to earth and we talk everyday and night for like 2 hrs straight.
  4. sind me a pm when u read the message below thinks for asking
  5. a les rpg on here its called love wars its really fun please join and halp get it going
  6. Well I am pretty much done with Roger and Zach I mean I could of saw myself with Zach but ... guess it wasn't really meant to be so yeah anyways I been talking to this one guy named Jacob he is supper sweet and nice and we have been talking on the phone everyday and night and been on the phone for 2 hrs straight hehe its really nice to have so much fun talking to someone who make me laugh a lot and really fun to talk with. ^_^
  7. I think I still do but give it to me just in case.

    Yeah, Zach and I broke up he told me his parents don't want me or him together so we broke up and also because I still have feelings for Roger also the whole time him and I was together he treat me poorly and was a jerk and mean to me the whole time and told me he had a right to be mean to be and I don't desuve anything... and when Roger came over to my place to tell me how sorry he was in tears once I huged him I felt torn and so said then I started to cry. I do still wish Roger and I was together the only reason Roger and I broke up was because his friends told him I was cheating on him with one of my friends and I wasn't. Today I think he is coming over and him and I are going to talk... v.v been kinda down about it every time I see Rogers face and look into his eyes I fall for him all over again and my heart feels like its about to come out of my chest....
  8. Yeah, he forgave me him and I are starting over and talk during night time cause I guess he has been busy and don't get off till 5. So far everything has been good and I am not going to mess this up again. The only sad part he isn't going to tell his parents or most of his friends because he doesn't want them to rub it in his face if it doesn't work out... I wish he would believe in us and trust and know it will work out this time...v.v

    (740) 438-4121 I don't have txt and if you wanna chat call after 9 and anytime on the weekends. ^ ^

    Oh its okay he has to pay for his mistakes but get this he didn't really cheat on me. He only said that to hurt me. Because one of his friends told him I was with onf of my friends and I wasn't but that's his own dumb fault for believing them and didn't talk to me about it so oh well.
  9. Your probably right about the pain being worth it in the end. In fact, I know your right. I just can't seem to open up no matter what. The boy that decides he really likes me is going to have to break down my barrier to get to my heart.
  10. No. I don't have anyone special. I push people away to much. I'm afriad to get to close becuase it creates an opening to be hurt. And I don't like to be hurt.
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