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  1. I can understand that. Happens to me alot actually. So, how was your spring break, or have you not had it yet?
  2. Gotcha, sometimes things just don't want to work when and the way you want them to work.
  3. Well, my messenger is fine now. I've been told to report if it happens again though.
  4. That sucks. Maybe you should just shoot it *jk*.....................
  5. Well that's pretty good and I'm glad to hear that your doing alright. Things are going fine on my end(except for the fact that my messanger kept acting up a minute ago.) It's stop for the moment, thank goodness.
  6. That's good. I'm doing alright . Everything going about normal on my end (which is fine). How are things holding up on your end?
  7. I'm pretty good. How about you, is everthing ok on your end?
  8. Hehe, that is rare. Sorry I didn't notice. How are ya?
  9. Hey, bluewolf. I'm actually online at the same time you are. Thats pretty rare!
  10. I'm glad to hear from you bluewolf. I'm doing fine and my weekend was ok. How about you?
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