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  1. Today 10:22 AM - permalinkdeath13
    Hey can you tell me hove I get an RPG thread approved after I already have 5 members?

    Mega I would like to know that as well
  2. I'm saying exactly what I wrote. "Anime Series" doesn't die, "Anime" does. Look at the forum titles.
  3. ok so your saying that the anime section of the AO that has bleach, dbz, Naruto, FMA has a two week period just like everything else on the board, is that what you are saying?
  4. The "Anime Series" forum never dies, but the "Anime" forum does.
  5. can I post in the anime board or does that fall in the dead topic range, or can i post in it no matter what the date is like the journals?
  6. Why do you have this spam gaurrd why not just clean out the board or restart it over. and would my account still work with the mile stone titles even if i took two years off.

    in other words when I get to 500 will the title change over to Elite member from .com memeber even when you have been gone for a period of time?
  7. I know you've made a couple posts that didn't show up after you posted them. We've got a spam guard in place, and sometimes a post will accidentally trigger it and not show. I go in and manually approve them in that case, so it takes a little bit of time. I fixed your post.
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