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  1. I'm the same way.. except the school authority and the way it runs is what bothered me the most.. Maybe you should consider getting your GED over the summer as well.
  2. Well to me it is just school in general because of all the hard work and things to do.
  3. I'm the type of girl who learns about people as she talks to them more so at the moment no... but if I thin- Oh... well I have one, why is school rough right now? Is it other students or just... school in general?
  4. That will be fine I'll give you mine to if you want me too.
    So anything you want to ask me.
  5. I probably won't be on much after this year gets out.. I plan on getting my GED this summer but I'll give you my cell number before the school year gets out so that we can keep in touch.
  6. Well school isn't bothering me I just can't wait till next year I'll have more computer classes so I can talk to you guys.
  7. What about it? It can be difficult but just hang in there, things will get better.
  8. I've been good just having to deal with school is all.
  9. It's alright, Things come up and I understand.. How have you been?
  10. Hey nice to see you again sorry I haven't vmed you in a while.
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