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  1. XD its been so far too long that i forget that this place exsisted
  2. you, you have completey vanished gone to the world and not talked to me?
  3. hey hope all is well when your on we need to talk and atleast hear what i have to say out
  4. -pokes my own- I need to loose weight......
  5. i weigh 170ibs ty lol so ha i gained meh some good amounts of weight
  6. Hey I gtg but I'll talk to you later, most likely during lunch and btw -pokes your tummy- You could stand to gain a few pounds!
  7. I wasn't talking about her, I just figured you had one, that's all.
  8. new girl? what on earth are you talking about? cassy has some one else not me
  9. Hey Mark.. It's been a while.. a long while.. Hope you and your new girl are doing okay. Things here are getting better, depending on how you look at it.

    Anyway, just wanted to check and see how your doing since we haven't talked in so long.. Miss you and can't wait to hear from you again
  10. I know.. but this is something that i feel I need to do. If i can't get a taxi to take me there i'll have to walk and that's risky enough.. but still...

    i'll be on and off for short periods until about 9 or so there.. so yeah.. Im sorry if it seems like i'm coming and going..
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