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  1. I have to go but i'll be on later, as soon as i can, we can talk more about it then. -hugs and kisses your cheek- Bye
  2. i guess you won't be...

    by the way, it's not that i never trusted you, you we're one of the very few people i did trust.. it was some of the girls you have as friends that I don't trust.
  3. Hi, Hi.... How are you? I'm a bit tired... Your probably sleeping right now.. Anyway. Just wanted to say Hi... and I did.. so... bye~! -waves- Bye bye
  4. -smiles softly and kisses your cheek- I wish I was with you... I miss you -hugs you-
  5. Wait a minute... So what's this letter about?... And what didn't you do with rave.. -.- what's going on? -sighs- Meh.. I'm tired of not knowing things and going through this.. I's settle this right now...
  6. Oh... I didn't mean to vainish on you guys.. i remember telling you that i wouldn't be on this week. I found time to get on today but I most likely won't be back on until the first.
  7. Look.. i dunno what is going on here.. and to be honest i'm not sure I want to but I'm gonna get off soon. I'll try to get on tomorrow so that I can talk to you. If I'm not try giving me a call when you can.
  8. What.... The.... ****? Oo.. eh... My head hurts... This is so confusing.. How do you stand this?
  9. i'm gonna get off here.. but call me sometime.... i will try to explain over the phone.
  10. OOOOHHHH yeah.... I'm jealous... ANYWAY... I have to get off here like now.. but call me when you can... -kisses your cheek softly- I have to go.. bye..
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