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  1. hey whats up how you been lately???is anything knew
  2. yeah thats normal for me lol so how are you your cool to talk too
  3. eek.. that would ruin my whole day as well... most likely..
  4. yeah so theres a big argument the whole way to school and i slamed the car door twice
  5. i try buts its hard when they go in my face so didou miss me
  6. yeah for me i wouldnt have to be home for it to be against me when im gone she says something and i get home then its against me until i take off in the middle of the night to calm down the only problem with this one was i was on my way too school
  7. my mom pissed me off so bad cuz she did watever my sis said and it was against me
  8. me i had a shity day to the point i wanna beat the shit out of someone and thats rare that im like that
  9. thats so tru i mean i been busy almost the whole day but i stop wat im doing to come online evan for a few minutes
  10. that is the same with me lol especailly right know
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