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  1. if you send me a pm I didn't read it....... please don't send me anything....
  2. good bye..... am not a toy or a bag. .
  3. Ok !
  4. c .
  5. *thinking*.. how can someone show their moves, wen we are at home sitting on the computer, and just a screen on our faces?..... just a thought that came to my head!
  6. don't worry... we all have hidden demons we need to face !
  7. I have to go... I'll talk to you tomorrow if your on...

    BTW.... I'm sorry.. I didn't want to drop something like that on you and yet i did and for that I am truly sorry.
  8. awwwwwww she left before I got the chance to talk to her........................
  9. so sorry, but I log off to go do some personals things... am not telling you....jijijiji
    awwwww I hate making people feel lonely....JK JK ma too!
  10. Aww.. I came back and your not here.. I feel lonely now. JK jk
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