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  1. *shrugs* ahh well im tired of talkin to u now u never respond anyway btw i was sleep i dont stay up late anymore @.@ well sorry to bug u well duces ^.^ see ya later bye for good its probly as u said best see ya
  2. *bllinks blinks* gona fills weird talkin to u kinda idk why....
  3. urmmmmmmm ok ill mail u my cell so how are you today anyway o.o
  4. I will have my cellphone back soon... We could text or something then...
  5. *sighs* ok.......................................i hope ur ok
  6. Oh no.. I'm not dead. ^^ I'm still here... just not... it's hard to explain...
  7. its just strange is all you just stoped talkin to me i thought u died...... :/ i misses u and i hope your doing ok mehhh *hugs* be safe jamie :/ ttyl i guess
  8. What do you mean? What woman?

    Sorry I haven't been talking to you lately but I barely have time to read my messages let alone reply.
  9. its weird how you dont talk to me anymore whats up with that man well woman
  10. @.@ hope to get to talk to u soon byeeee take care @.@
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