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  1. fine but like i said leave mark and i alone and i will leave you alone as long as you stop talking smack about me and act like you never even met me ok?
  2. ok good if you would like to knows who's or what's blood you need just ask and i will see what i can do ok later.
  3. well a sip of blood would hlep some say but i will hlod true to my word i alwayls do but i think someone like you does not understand that but rember and think what a sip of blood could do for you.
  4. so what i'm hearing is a teen not understanding an adult. but i will not eventually hurt him look he has something that not a lot of people have but he is the best thing that has and ever will happen to me,if you don't want t o deal with things then don't life is life but try and not make others misbrile and just foucus on you.
  5. another threat huh? well you can think that all you want but a succubus is a succubus and and inubus is an inubus and i think you should go on goole and look them both up ok and i siad 200,000,000 times and i'll say it again i will never ever hurt him got a problem with that deal with it ok?
  6. noi'm not implying anything i wil not hurt him if i do then i can call the succubus anna who lives around me to k.i.l.l. me but i wont ever hurt him i'm not purrfcet but i know how to treat him well just like other people.
  7. look i may of not been in the best place when i met kyle but i will never hurt mark you may not know me very well but you will not hear from me if i do cause it will mean my life was ended very soon but i won't hurt him i have what it takes to make him happy and make this work.
  8. i alwayls will you have nothing to worry about in case you think of something but it has nothing to invole kyle ok .
  9. thank you your not mad it wont chage but i don't want to make you mad or jelous at me because of this.
  10. hello jamie hope your doing ok and well it would be very good for you and just thought i'd drop by check on you and say hello ttyl cassy.
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