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  1. hello how are you doing hope everything is going well for you ttyl cassy.
  2. they were good and i did injoy them and a good freind hleped me be more festive and i'm sorry that yours were not good but trust me they will get better i know they will.
  3. hello girl freind i hope you had a good holiday and i got back thuoght i'd drop by and say hello ttyl cassy.
  4. yeah jamie i know the same with us but it got a little to out of hand with us but i know what you mean talk to you soon when i can get my vioce to work better after i got hit in the thraot today at work but talk to you later cassy.
  5. oh sorry i did not know well at lest you are still freinds me and kyle are freinds to disant freinds but freinds non the less ttyl.cassy
  6. thanks i'm fine actually thank you for asking just tried from work by the way how are you and kyle doing just asking as a freind? ok ttyl
  7. that's fine i was just wondering that all ok and yes i was tried last night and everything was really out of contorl so sorry if i seemed mad i was not ok talk to you later cassy.
  8. jamie hello circus selo i thught we were going to talk moresince we became freinds is that ture?
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