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  1. hey what up... sorry i havent ben on in a while i have ben bissy like none outher so any thing new
  2. hey what is happing : anything new with you?????????
  3. ya it is good VERY funny in my oppion what kind of movies do you watch?? i like comeds and some horror
  4. No... Is it good?%2Pr
  5. have you seen tenacious D ????????????????????????
  6. -hug- It's alright. Just take the work hours one step at a time. ^^
  7. well that time has come my friend where i have to do to work (sad face) talk to you later
  8. ^_^ It's alright. I got a nice little laugh out of it anyway.
  9. ya sorry i ment to send that to yinyangAio1 i was talking to him about hunting
  10. what you say the fox and the rabits on my image host thing
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