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  1. well now that's different... I like it, it's kind of funny actually.. lol
  2. Don't cuss... it's not allowed.

    .... No.. I don't.
  3. it is on my image host thing "the fox" what do you think
  4. o that suck well what kinda stuff are not supost to say??

    hey do you like hunting
  5. Nothing. It just means that you have a warning so you shouldn't do whatever the warning says you did or else you'll get banned for a certain amount of time.
  6. understandibel what happens when you get a worning on this sight because i got one just 2 min ago
  7. Yeah I know what you mean about that but I don't know.. I don't date people unless i see it being longer than a few months...

    Oh.. sorry.. I talk to so many people it's hard to keep straight what i've said to some and what I haven't said to others.
  8. ya look on page three on my talky thing (that is a scientific word) and it shows you were trying to talk your boyfriend into somthing like shopping or somthing
  9. ya at my school there all snobby or jocks and i just want some to read poems and just have a relashionship bilt off of fun and love you know

    you told me that you have a boy friend in an easlyer post like lsat thurs or firday
  10. lol well no one at my school really interests me either because of the fact that i've known them all my life... not to mention.. they all act younger than they should and I act older than I should so those two worlds kind of clash..

    Don't be jealous.. You'll find someone who is right for you. It just takes time... out of curiousity... how did you know I had a boyfriend?
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