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  1. yeah i can b,im in a stupid mood i dont know what 2 do,im really hyper but im sad b/c my nan's brother's wife's dad just died and its his funeral 2day but im really hyper and i hate it when this happens
    aaaaaagggggggghhhhh donnu what 2 do
  2. O.o Well aren't you a talkative little thing.. Sure, I'll be your friend. ^^
    love Jamie
  3. hi,do u wanna b friends???
    what anime do u watch?? i used 2 watch anime i still wanna but the channel anime was on is gone so can u watch anime on here???
    have u seen devil may cry???i really wanna c tht but i dont know how???
    anyway i hope u wanna b my friend
    take care c ya
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