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  1. My favorite color is blue. And I like orange with blue because it is its opisite. ^^
  2. ok cool u i love the colour blue
    and purple and black(black isnt a colour but u get the idea............hopefully)
  3. My fiance and i picked out the car together. I liked it because it was a decent car, and had great mileage. He gets the intrepid when when we get a second car. ^^

    My aunt had a sparkly blue car
  4. cool,i wanna dodge viper or a lamborghini (if im rich and work in wwe)
    i didnt like purple b4 but its a sort of amythist colour(basically a purple car tht kinda looks abit glittery)
  5. lol
    Yeah it was fun. The kids loved it
    It's a white dodge intrepid (note I don't like dodges) :P
    Purple... That's one of my least favorite colors lol
  6. thanks 4 ur concern,oh ok
    was it fun going trick or treating??
    cool what car have u got?
    my grandad has a ford fiesta and the colour is purple,cool eh??
  7. XD I'm sorry about your rabbit.
    Yeah I live in the USA.
    I'm doing well, dressed up and took some children trick or treating for halloween.
    Other than that... My car got fixed ^^
  8. yeah guess so
    how r u???
    beeen anywhere nice???
    do u live in the usa???
    sorry just wondering!!!
    im really upset my rabbit died
    yestuarday ;(
  9. lol I know how that is XD I hated reading in middle school, but loved it before and now :P guess it just depends XD
  10. ok then
    i do tht spometimes when u only want 2 read stuff but now when i want 2 read i can never get into it
    im never in the reading mood anymore
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