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  1. 1,000? isnt that cheap? training for how long? i'll have a look on the website and find out
  2. from what i read i think it's about 1,000 if u pay up front? but i think u will have to check the site again cause im not really sure
  3. what i heard is that it isnt wwe facility anymore, thats FCW now in florida. And to be in FCW you need to be spotted by a scout. but i heard it is a very good place, ovw im talking about now. how much is it, do you know?
  4. check this out from what i heard it's their traning facility. if u know a better one let me know
  5. wow, im gonna go to college, and then when im 18 im hoping to go to australia to train because they have this really good training thing (AWF its called check it out on their website) and then hopefully gonna do a few shows and try my hardest to get into the FCW which is linked with wwe and they pay you to wrestle. When you get a chance to see wwe live, you should go, absolutely amazing. btw what do you mean "their training facility"??? wwe has a training facililty?
  6. STOP PLAYING!? ME TOO. sad though i NEVER been to the shows before but when i finish school im going to go to college to increase my chances of joining. then im going to go to their training facility.
  7. omg me too, i plan on being a wrestler when im older!!! i love him 2...i love his arm thingy's and his finisher moves..awesome!!! when i say i wanna b a wrestler i mean a wrestler not a diva!!! do you watch the ppv's?? are you gonna watch night of champions? have you got a wwe unniverse account?
  8. No i hate wwe (sarcastically speaking) I LOVE WWE it's what i plan on being part of one day!!!!! my fav is the extreme enigma...JEFF HARDY!!!
  9. hey, thanks for the invite, i added you.
    so how are you? so you like wwe? whos ur fav(if you like it)?
    take care now, bye
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