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  1. cool so did i,i started liking it when i was around 4 years old.
    have u ever been 2 c smackdown or raw??
    where do u live???
    take care bye
  2. yes i am i grew up on wwf befor they called it wwe and i have known it all my life
  3. well it was awesome!!!! i saw undertaker,matt&jeff hardy and many more it was the best day of my life.
    do u like wwe???
  4. o sweetness rub it in tell me how much fun you had okays
  5. ok then
    so how r u 2day?????
    2weeks till i go and c wwe smackdown live in manchester 11th november
    sorry i get abit carried
  6. lol yeah sometimes i am to deep with words so it can be twords the confusing side
  7. ok thank you
    wanna b friends????
    i like ur icon its cool
    and if u wanna talk(well write i'll kinda listen aswell if tht makes any scense)lol
    anyway bye
  8. hello i know i dont know you but i whanted to say hi to random members and let you know if you ever wanna talk i'll listen^_^
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