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  1. lol yea well u c wrestling means alot 2 me and i cant c myself doin anything else and i love marilyn manson(not in the bf love as in love his music) and mindless self indulgence they both have rude songs but the r abit on the dirty minded side.

    ok then i cant wait 2 b wild when i go 2 college and i really wanna dive so i can go down 2 manchester or liverpool 2 c some of my fav bands (they r the closest cities 2 me)
  2. ahjahjahjahajaah..... go to college to study?.... be a wrestler ?.and listening to mariling manso..... wow you are F uck

    well at least when you get to college you will see what really freedom is all about, I was wild when i was in college, and now that I work and sleep, not so much, but I got my days when i want to go party all weekend
  3. well i have 1 friend in school but she doesnt like anyhting i like but shes nice i just wanted 2 go on the computer and i thought i had more friends but i dont want anything 2 do with them....i have 1 more year in school, i cant wait 2 go 2 college 2 study art then im gonna go 2 america with my friend and follow our dreams (we have the same dream) to become female wrestlers but not sluty.
    im listenning 2 mariloyn manson-heart shaped glasses i love tht song ...its so rude...well the lyrics r
  4. bored in school?.... don't you have friends?....well why don't you try to study more....jijijijijijijijiji.... awwwww am so gald school is over for me, that was a long time
  5. i love rock/screamo/heavy metal/punk rock music
    omg im so bored in school nothing 2 do
  6. hajhajahja... well am hispanic, so I love reggaton, soft rock, and I enjoy alternative music too.... and hey don't wish for money that bad,
  7. ooooooooookkkkkk then
    what kind of music do u like???? just wondering
    i need money so much its unbelievable
  8. sorry about that, me and some friends, real ones... we went to the beach at night, and high.... awwwwww, this was send 3 days ago, it sucks having a real life, but the money if good..
  9. ok my weekend was the usual and what did u do tht was wild???
    omg im so bored im trying 2 save up 2 go to australia aaaaggghhh school bell gotta go
  10. it's alright, you don't have to apologize, and the weekend was wild..........and yours?
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