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  1. thanks and sorry 4 getting on ya nerves ive just been going through a hard time with some of my family members
    but hopefully it will get better
    so how was ur weekend???
  2. well am glad I have helped, is just that I get mad, when I hear young people saying theri life sucks, and all the drama.... well have a good weekend, I know I will!

    see ya later, well talk ya later, no write ya later....jijijijij
  3. im 15,i found love but hes well older than me hes name is jimmy urine from a band called mindless self indulgence and hes i havent created life.
    u dont know how much i want to be a wrestler but ppl put me down saying its stupid and ur never gona b a wreslter...they dont know how upset they make me thts how much i want it and im gonna try real hard.
    i guess ur right but sometimes when i need 2 hear tht from some1 its never there and i get too upset 2 isten thts when it all comes.
    im starting to think i might a bi-polar b/c i looked it up and i have most of the symtoms. i havent told my familt how i feel and im not going to.
    but thanks u have helped me just saying tht
    u dont know how thankfull i am, im glad i have found u, a good friend whos been through some stuff i have and im glad i talked (well...wrote)2 u about it.thanks again.
  4. Not you too!.... oh man, if I get a nickel for every time I hear your story, how old are you?
    let me tell you something, have you really live your life?.. have you found love? have you someone who loves you, like family or friends, have you created life?....... tell me, how one like you, has not life?..... you know what, you don't have a life, because you're too young to understand the real life,... why don't you wait until you grown up, and then you tell me, if you're ready to face the future of your life!... so sad to hear someone saying they want to die, when they haven't experience real life!
    am way older than you, I was there where you are, and i will never say i want to die, HOPE, is what drives us to life on.....I turn 28 the last month, and my life has never been so interesting, and I want to life more every day that it passes........
  5. yea ur right i've seen the face of betrayal loads of times and it takes all the trust out of u.
    they give u no respect sometimes u think ppl r the devil thts how mean they can b like satan himself
    i lived through it my whole life now and now i think im immune to it i've been an outcast since i started tht school i know i dont belong there but whats annoying me idk where i starting 2 think i dont belong on this planet and mayb i belong in the mysterious afetrlife place where no1 knows what gonna happen.
  6. of course everyone is different, but we are here because we want to scape, am sorry that you have seen the true face of betrayal, but, that's who we are, we don't care about people we don't know,.... that's why I stick to my words, there are not friends on this time, only people that we see everyday, empty, and soulless....

    the only friends that I had, are those who grew up with me, we know who we really are, the people that I see on the streets and live on my building, they are just people,
  7. i know what u mean theres this girl in my school who i thought "cared" 4 me b/c tht what she said she told me shes there 4 me and all....stupid me believed her and the next thing i know she there saying bhind my back i dont like emily b/c shes weird and strange and pathetic every1s different
  8. me.. well my day was good, until I came here yesterday, some asshole flame me, calling me a loser.... I hate those who think just because your post count is greater than me, or any new person here, they think they are better than me or new people..... F ucking assholes, .... they have no balls to say what ever they have on their little shit they call head.
  9. sorry i havent been on here 4 a while...
    i might b u might b???
    what have u been up 2
  10. wow when did I leave you this?.... anyhow.... am good at the moment.. and how you might be?....<------ yes an unusual question.... I think...
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