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  1. yea its a band a really good 1 2,well i like it it sorta rock kinda stuff
  2. O_o is that a band?
  3. helooo
    how r ya?????????????????????????????????
    im bored
    have u heard of funeral for a friend
    hopefully im gonna c them live
  4. HeellooOOOoooOOOOoOOOooOOOOoooo! ~
  5. yea i have a while and ur so lucky 2 grduate outta school
    ooooo y i oughta!!!!!lol
    i was being an old person then lol sorry
    *pats ur head and gives u a monkey rub*
    u take care 2
  6. Haha, you've still got a while in school. I recently graduated xD
    -pats your head- take care ^_^
  7. not really how r u???
    what have u been up 2????

    im very very bored in school
    i hate school
    gotta go take care bye
  8. Sounds interestng xD
  9. *waves back*
    hi my names emily but ppl call me sakura (b/c i have her eyes and my friend said tht i would of said something like her) or emm...or chose
    im 14 years old and i live in the u.k,wales
  10. -waves-
    I'm rave, 17 years old, mmm, live in Australia.
    Sure, I'll be your friend.
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