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  1. ok i hope u fix ur laptop
    im really bored in school and my ipod has no batery so its even boringer!!!
    bye take care
  2. I haven't really been doing anything, besides trying to fix my broken laptop.
  3. i have done tht now my grandad instaled it 4 me
    thanks 4 telling me
    so have u been doing anything cool recently????
    take care bye
  4. They have Itunes for Windows. All you need to do to sync your Ipod to your computer is install Itunes and set it up how ever you want.
  5. oh yeah i hate it when stuff doesnt work
    i was so annoyed the other day right,i was gonna put some songs on my ipod i spent 1hr on it and then after tht my grandad told me it wouldnt work
    b/c the computer weve got doesnt know an ipod b/c its not a apple computer
    how annoying can u get
  6. thanks 4 ur concern,but im sure she'll b fine *hopefully* its not 2 big though so i hope the poison will get rid of it
    lol i 4got what else u said hang
  7. Really? I'll pray for her. I am fine, besides my laptop power cable not wanting to work
  8. thank u,im abit worried about my nan b/c shes got lung cancer and shes gone 2 the hospital 2day
    shes had 2 chemotherapies but needs another 2
    im just worried incase the chemo doesnt work
    but aprt from tht im fine thank you?? how r u??? and if u have any probelms im here if u want
  9. Sure, if you want to talk about anything, just let me know.
  10. hi my names emily but call me emm,wanna b friends???
    i hope u do anyway gotta go
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