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  1. same with where i live,its only got a leisure centre and thts full with chavs(Council House And Vilonce thts what chavs stand 4)
    they r horrrible i have ginger hair and everytime i wanna go 2 a shop and their there they always shout abuse 2 me and other innocent ppl.
    so basically theres nowhere where i can go in the town i live in
  2. lol well the place where I'm currently living isn't much better! XD There just isn't anything to do around here...
  3. ooooo i didnt do the homework last must do it 2night. well i have R.E homework which is just copying up something i didnt do
    and i have history coursework intoduction thing i have 2 do a essay on this place near i live called rhyl (its a dump)lol
  4. lol sounds interesting....did you get the assignment done? What homework was it?
  5. ok thanks. its ok im still off school b/c of half term but im going back on monday
    oh no,i havent done my homework,oh well i'll do it
  6. I don't know any off the top of my head...I'll think on it and let you know! So how is school going for you?
  7. no i dont,i dont reaqlly have time 2 watch anime as i used 2
    i mean with school and all
    is it good???
    do u know any other animes with ghost stuff in it??
  8. Ya ever watch any cool ghost anime before? I know Negima has a ghost in it but she's not a very well talked about character
  9. yea i know its so interesting
    ok im very passionate about supernateral stuff
    anyway take care bye
  10. yeah it's pretty interesting of how things like that happen and it's ok by me that your passionate about something like this...I'm passionate about all things supernatural...especially magic, the principles of magic, and magical theories.
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