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  1. lol I can tell! So do you always talk when your bored like this
  2. random questions 4 ya????
    do u have any pets?? if so what r they and what r they called??? i have a brown rabbit and hes called ben
    do u have a youtube account??? i do mines toygreen1994
    do u want 2 have my email address?? its: [email protected]
    do u like randomness???? i love it
    (not a question) u know what happened 2 me,well im gonna tell ya anyways. i was in a cafe waiting 4 some chips,my mum had her dinner and my friend(who came with me and my mum) had her dinner but i didnt have mine. i was waiting 4 15mins and it still hadnt come,so i went and asked have u done my chips yet.and they said oh i didnt know u where having anything i'll make them now. so then after i eventually had my chips i made a mess off the table and told ppl comming in tht it was rubbish service.
    SERVES THEM RIGHT!!! but u know what the annoying thing is? is tht this boy came in after me and got HIS CHIPS AND SUSAUGES AND BEANS BEFORE ME!!!!!
  3. i'll b waiting darlin'
    i hope we can have a divine little chat darlin'
    sorry im really bored
  4. hey wanna talk 4 abit now!!???
    and go on our convasation thingy
    i'll leave it up 2 u????
  5. ohhhhkay then fair enough
    im fine thanks just abit wet,no!!!! i havent wet myself its just been rainning thts all
    hopefully im gonna die my hair i have red hair but im gonna dye my hair a different sort of red like a darky redy purply colour!!!
    take care bye
  6. Thanks ^^ I don't talk to mom very much anymore because of college but oh are you today?
  7. im glad ur fine but i hope the stress goes away
    im sorry 3 hwear about ur mom but im relieved tht shes ok now
    ooooo its well cool theres this tv show called most haunted and they've come near where i live 2 this hospital tht was closed in 1995 and 2 men where in straight jackets 2 comunicate with some spirits in a padded cell and there were 91 spirits in tht room and a man fainted and lats night they were in the nurses quarters and 2night theyre going in 2 a isolation ward thingy its so cool
    im like tht with my family 2
  8. I'm fine today ^^ I have been having seizures related to stress pertaining to my personal life but I'm fine I guess now for the moment! The weather here is cold this morning...frost is awesome though! XD My family has been doing fine since mom's mental breakdown. She's back to her normal self and everybody is happy as far as I know! to tell ya the truth...I haven't been around them much...people on here and AW have kinda become my new one and only family...but I'm fine with that! ^^
  9. ok i will im gonna c the undertaker and triple h their my fav wrestlers
    ummmm the weather here is sunny but abit cold and windy
    it was raining this morning but it aint anymore
    hows the weather where u r???
    how r u and ur family and friends?????
    take care bye
  10. Sounds awesome! Have fun and tell me about it when you come back! hows the weather there btw?
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