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  1. i like some rap i dont mind eminem and i like john cena (hes a wrestler in wwe)
    but i mostly listen 2 rock/heavy metal
    im gonna c smackdown/ecw wwe on november 11th in manchester,england,u.k
    i cant wait i love wwe
    take care bye
  2. lol it's ok I like any kind of music! XD I used to not like rap but then my ex gf got me into it and now I listen to it sometimes too!
  3. yeah ur right about the friends!!! all i need is u and all the other friends i have on here and all the friends i have on here r true friends!!!
    wha music do u like??
    soory random question!!! =]
  4. idk I just like the rain cause it makes me feel good...guess it feels like the rain is a living creature that touches me and keeps me company...creepy...but true don't worry about not having friends though at school cause you've got tons of friends here and I'd say thats enough
  5. i get lonely in school,no 1 likes me im getting annoyed now b/c i respaect them all but they never respect me, my whole life ive been in the school (still in tht school) and havent made 1 friend. oh it was raining but its cold and sunny here now
    y does the rain make u feel better???
    i dont like rain b/c i cant go on my
    take care
  6. I'm good and lonely! It's raining today though so I feel alittle bit happier! ^^ Hows the weather where you live?
  7. im fine thank u,u??? yeah and they r all true and nice friends 2
  8. howdy! How are you today? ^^ I've seen you've made alot of friends!
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