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  1. whoa, thats really intense O_o
    how did you lose your memory? if you don't mind me asking, a close friend of my lost his memory, he still hasn't gotten it back yet.
  2. Not really...I'm finding it out for the second time because I lost some of my memory and now I'm relearning stuff like I've really heard enough...thanks though. My gf was Kiani Haki22 btw and we were together for a couple weeks to a month but it seemed like a lifetime...*sniff*...
  3. oh, thats always the worst :/

    do want to talk about it?
  4. yeah...I'm alright...I'm just trying to get over a relationship gone bad so I'm talking to people! XD
  5. lol hi^^
    i'm doing pretty okay....and you?

    * says my message needs to be longer, so ghwiohoivukuuvjm*
  6. Yo...How ya doin? I'm just dropin in to say hi...hi!!! XD
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