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  1. I would not have a clue. I only try a few levels at my friend house to see how the game was like. And its was pretty good. But for some reason one of the boss fight was against Dante
  2. wow that's really great but how is Mofos (i'm so meddlesome about the new characters of DMC 4 and the others)
  3. Thanks and I am going to get myself a ps2 so I can play the DMC series. Oh I found out what Nero from DMC4 demon form look like. Its just like Virgel demon form standing behind him, plus Virgel sword is in the game. In one scene Dante done a Virgel move. You know that move where Virgel puts his sword back into its case, wait a bit then fully closes and whatever he attacked its is killed/destoryed, falls apart at that moment? Dante done that.
  4. wow..."Vergil can't die" your new Signature is really nice ^.^ ...
  5. Figures. Almost everyone know at least two laguages. There own native language, where ever there from and the most common language, english.
  6.'re right ,i know tow language "English" and "Arabic" ,i thing it's you're turn to ask me something this time ...
  7. English and Vietanemese although I am very bad a vietanemese althought I want to viet school to learn that language. I assume that you know two laguage as well?
  8. don't worry about it i just wanted you to know where i live how many languages do you know ..XP..
  9. oh... must be a little hard for you to live there with what is going on there. wish I could do somthing.
  10. mm it's hard to tell but i have to tell you anyway....well i'm from Iraq NICE TO MEET YOU!!
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