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  1. I would change my username to include Byakugan but everyone knows me as cantsenditback but hey what can I do
  2. i really don't know why..... i wanted many names ...but somehow i chose this name....
  3. I really cant think of a name when I created this accout and i was listening to songs at that time. One of those song was Weird Al "Eat it" and one of the line was cant send it back and i just use that for my accout name how about you
  4. why did you chose your username ?.................
  5. well for me its action, comedy and romance, show like that have me watching the show
  6. for me Darker Than Black and and Full Metal Alchemist and chrno crusade they all my type because they all action and drama so what is your type?
  7. well, right now i think its Tsubasa Chronicle and Le Chevalier D'Eon and Devil May Cry for now how about you
  8. umm....what is your favorite anime?..o^,^o..........
  9. Me too, hate the heat and summer, love winter and the cold season
  10. i am fine thanks except the weather SOOO... HOOOOT .....-_-;...what about you?
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