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  1. True, That is one thing that can not be changed at all, by anyone. Your bond with your friend, can not be broken by anyone beside you or your friend.
  2. that is ok ... i felt like that when my best friend traveled away , i didn't take anything from her that i could connect her ._. , but don't worry my friend that was the past and we are living our life with all we got , we can forget stuff but ... we can never forget our friends ^_^ ... =^_^=
  3. learn from my mistake, get their email or number, so you can talk to them, i should of done that when I finish school
  4. memories every thing we have ._. which make us contact with our friends who have been away form us , there is man memories we can't forget even if it was sad .... that is why it is <memories> ... =^_^=
  5. I always think of my friends, and the only things I have left is memories of the good times we had
  6. i know that ._. , just thinking in that make me cry .... =^_^=
  7. You think you missing them now, you going to miss them even more when you finish school and we will have more responsibility later in life as well, Its a part of life.
  8. i already miss them ... i am really not happy by bring 17 becasue every time i get old the distance between me and my friends get more ._. and the responsibility of life get more ... =^_^=
  9. You being happy at 17, you wont be once turning 18 and going differents roads from your friends when graduating high school. I miss my friends when we went down different roads in 2006. I keep in touch with some, but others that I haven't seen I miss those friends
  10. oooo quantum of solace XD that i good , and i am good i am very happy by being 17!~!! yay X3 ... but except studying hard i am good too lol ... =^_^=
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