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  1. Beside work been a killer, I'm fine.How are you? Going to watch quantum of solace soon. and trying to find a good ps2 deal to buy. Could get a ps3 but I got nothing I want on that console.
  2. XD you are welcome ^_^ ... so how have you been ... =^_^=
  3. alright I check it out and thanks for the recommendation
  4. ummmm i would say Chrno Crusade XD it is action and little romance and a lot of comedy X3 , it is a very good anime , i suggest that you watch this one ^_^ .. =^_^=
  5. Samurai, comedy, action and romace, somthing like that. Uhh... like Full metal panic, Please twin, cardcaptor and excell saga
  6. ummm what type of anime you want to watch ^_^ ? .. =^_^=
  7. Any suggestion to watch for anime, I havent been watching anything lately. The last thing i watch was DMC series and that was great.
  8. *nod* you are 100% right , this game one of the games that you play it without getting boring from it ^-^ , so why don't you ask me something this time ... =^_^=
  9. Its a really good game to think about battle plans and how to attack your opponents. One mistake and your defense in screwed
  10. age of empire XD i haven't play it for loooooooooooong time it is really a good game , it was one of my first games i play X3 .. =^_^=
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