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  1. I have tried a few levels on my friend console. Finish DMC3 on his console as well.
  2. you are right XD , so have you played DMC4 ?? ... =^_^=
  3. What you have is a little furry jack sparrow who cough up furball time to time. And yes the movie is tooo funny
  4. XD i am happy that my cat idiot like Jake lol or little idiot XD Nu~ ... and you are right the movie was very good and funny this movie one of the greats movies ever ^-^ ... =^_^=
  5. well... that is like jack... sort of like him. The movie is funny
  6. umm lets see ... when i bring food to him he start making circles and he start follow his tail lol ... =^_^=
  7. What is probably the dumbest this your cat has done? What did your cat do that remind of jack Sparrow.
  8. well my cat is super stupid XD .. but he don't make strange movies and that is to bad @_@ , but he sometimes make stuff that when i see i remember Jake ... =^_^=
  9. So... your cat. Does he say alot of stuff we can barley understand and do stupid stuff. Is your cat anything like Jack in the movie
  10. XD aaaa Pirate Of The Carriebean ^-^ this movie is the best and i have named my cat on the name Jake Sparrow lol , Johnny Depp is the best XD ... this movie on of the movies that made me watch movies a lot ... =^_^=
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