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  1. Movie are awsome, like Pirate Of The Carriebean. And comedy like Bruce Almighty are movie that make me watch movies. Its also people Johnny depp and Heath Ledger
  2. oooo i know exactly what you mean lol ... ooo right you look like one of movies fan XD just like me , so why do you like watching movies ... =^_^=
  3. Unless I know what is out there im easily scared in the dark alone somewhere.
  4. oooo XD that is cool not getting afraid form unknown or the unexplained ^-^ ... T_T for me if something moved on my leg i scram XD lol ... =^_^=
  5. yeah almost everyone is scared of the unexplained or the dark. I like it when Im scared of the unknown or the unexplained because what Im afraid of could be anything.
  6. i know that and i always say that there is nothing like what happened in movies and like you said they are just actors XD , but i fear dark and i always try not to fear it but i always fear it T_T .. =^_^=
  7. You do realise there just actors. Yeah I was afride of the dark but after watching a horror movie Im still fine, a little jumpy but fine. Some of them if you think about it logicialy, can not really happen to the everyday person as a worker or a school student that are shown in horror movie. One person being stalked by a headless person cant happen to a stand person
  8. oooo i haven't see it XD ... sometimes when i see something on TV like a movie or anything and my hear start hurting me or i feel cold that mean this movie is an scary movie so i don't watch it XD and if i watched it i don't feel that scare but at night i can't sleep becasue i think that character from the movie will come and kill me as the people he killed T_T ... =^_^=
  9. I wont say much for dead silence but I would say this. If you have seen the goosebump episode "The Night Of The Living Dummy" it that but better
  10. *scary* @_@ a collection awwwww lucky you ,you can watch scary movies XD .. ooo dead silence i have heard of this one but as usual i make myself like i haven't heard it name before XD lol .. =^_^=
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