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  1. I love scary movies, starting to build a collection, I how have a couple movies like the ghost ship, dead silence and the excorist collection
  2. XD yes and for that i stopped watching scary movies lol .. i can't watch i have watched 6 scary movies in all of my life and really i don't want to make them 7 XD .. do you like scary movies i mean is it your favorite kind of movies ?? .. =^_^=
  3. then you will miss all the best and scary part of the movie that you are watching
  4. for me i prefer watching scary movies with friends becasue i can hide behind them XD lol ... =^_^=
  5. I prefer to watch scary movies alone, be easier to be scared than in a group of people, but sometime its good to be with friends when watching movies
  6. *scary* thank God that the phone didn't rang when i watched the movie XD ... but one of the days i was alone in home and the TV worked without i open it XD i was very scary and i said to my self that i haven't watch any strange videos so i were about to cry and when dad and mum retern to hom they found me very scare so i told hem what did happen and they laughed and said that my brother has put the sittings of opining the TV by it self when a 10 minutes pas XD ... =^_^=
  7. A couple scare the crap out of me. I was taping "The Exorcist". Its was around midnight to early moring. A part of it scare the crap out of me. "The Ring", for that, one part is when the phone rang, cant remember which part, but at that moment the phone rang in the movie, the home phone rang as well, gave me the damn chills
  8. XD i love comedy movies it just so funny as you said it make us some time cry from laughing and hat happend to me a lot humm *thinking* .. and for scary movies i don't want becasue i can die becasue of one movie , i have watched the ring and row i can't walk alon in the dark T_T this movie destroyed my life T,T ... =^_^=
  9. Of course. And there are movies that will make us laugh or scare us half to death
  10. there are many movies that moved my feelings like lake house very very nice movie and very romantic this movie have a very great idea of showing their love story XD .. every time i remember this movie i cry .. for me i like all romance movies and a drama and comedy i don't like action movies and i don't know why XD ... =^_^=
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