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  1. Hey that her problem but what can you really do after breaking up with someone, but move on with your life
  2. i dont know either cause there was one and she kept comming back but she was F***ing with me
  3. but why would they come back if they were the one who first broke up with you, if they did? my guess its either she miss you or somthing, I dont know
  4. ............yea im geting tired of looking it allways ends the same way every time......then they try to come back
  5. Thats too bad, Got a friend who somehow got 10 and lost all ten girls starting from high school till now, and being talking to me about it, get a little easier each time you break up, but, still painfull of the love you just lost. But it would leave you open to try to find one girl who is better in life
  6. okzzz well not really...lost mehh gf yesterday ;/ and it really sucks
  7. Beside a pain in the ass at work its been a fine day, how about yours?
  8. lolz me to im on flyff xD i ahve nothing else to do so hwo was your day
  9. Hi there, How are you? Im fine and im really, really bored here
  10. hi whats up o.o nice to meet you you have alot o ffriends lolz so umm how are u
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