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  1. Hey what has been goin on since I left cause I just got on and sorry about the dude thing if I ever called you a guy or dude or man.
  2. Okay. Spaz. I'm not a guy. -__- I'm a girl. Just to let u know. And, hello. I'm here to help u! It's alright if u don't need any help at all.
  3. okay... i'm here! What is it that you need help with?
  4. Is there anyone here on line seriously I was getting help from darkangel1240 but he is not online so is there anyone out there that can help me until he comes online?
  5. Is anyone still here? Kuz this is getting kinda boring no offense.
  6. Hey does anyone know were darkangel1240 is? It would help out if someone did not trying to be mean.
  7. Hey dude r u there? Because I need some help here.
  8. But, what do you need help with? Because, i'm here 2 help! If u need any help. Just PM me.
  9. sure! and, btw welcome to AO! What you do on AO is post and talk about anime and etc.
  10. Just call me cap instead of captianspaz ok. So anyone want to help out the new guy?
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